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Kerala Jewellers Thanga mazhai gold savings Scheme

Kerala jewellers the trusted name in Jewellery has gained reputation through years of craftsmanship combined with reliability and concern over its customers. Understanding your value of hard earned Money, We introduce a hassle free gold savings plan for our precious customers. THANGAMAZHAI Gold Savings Scheme is an easier way to plan jewellery purchase well in advance and start setting aside an amount for the special occasions like wedding. We assure you with the best rewards at your redemption of the scheme.

What are the Features of the Scheme?

Period for the new monthly savings scheme is 12 months/ 24 months. THANGAMAZHAI Gold Savings Scheme is based on the gold weight that is accumulated in your account by the number of installments in a period of 12/ 24 months. The major advantage of THANGAMAZHAI is it yields an interest on daily basis to the investment made by you.

In THANGAMAZHAI, You can pay your flexible installments of any amount at any number of times in the stipulated period.

How is it different from other gold savings schemes?

In THANGAMAZHAI Gold Savings Scheme, even If you close at the end of 18 months after paying only for 12 months, THANGAMAZHAI yields you an interest for 18 months while other schemes give interest only for 12 months

How much do I pay and how long?

THANGAMAZHAI Gold Savings Scheme is for the period of 12, 18 & 24 months with flexible installments of any amount at any number of times in the stipulated period. The payments should be in multiples of thousands.

For eg: If the gold rate is Rs. 400 less per gram, you can pay the cash whatever you have in your hand in THANGAMAZHAI and the next day if the gold rate is Rs.600 less per gram and even then you can pay the cash whatever you have in THANGAMAZHAI again. Likewise, you can pay any number of times with THANGAMAZHAI

What are the benefits of the scheme?

  • The amount paid with THANGAMAZHAI is converted to gold and the interest amount is calculated for every installments.
  • Every investor will be rewarded with Free Silver Gifts in joining this gold savings scheme.
  • You are protected from the fluctuating gold prices.

How do I pay?

You can make your payments in cash counters of the showroom where the account was originally opened. You can also pay by cash, local cheques, debit cards, NEFT, online payments and demand drafts. Cheques / drafts should be drawn in favor of KERALA JEWELLERS. You can make payments only at the outlet where from you have joined the scheme.

What if I discontinue?

No cash refund will be allowed under the plan in lieu of gold. No interest will be paid for preclosure before 90 days and minimum of three installments. You are not eligible for the weight conversion at all. You are eligible to buy jewellery to the extent of amount paid by you at the prevailing market rate on the purchase date.

For detailed terms and conditions, please refer the scheme application form:

  • Interest is calculated on daily basis
  • This is not a monthly instalment scheme
  • You can pay any amount any number of times. There is no restrictions